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Every week, we make a seasonal selection of specials at the whim of our pastry chefs & bread bakers.  Many of our specials are available right when we open, but some are finished a little bit later. See below for this week's lineup!

Please note, we do not take orders.

Items below are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

September Specials

September is National Honey Month!

Honey Stack

honey glaze, croissant dough, flaky salt​

Holiday Specials

Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur

Monday 9/18–Monday 9/25:


chocolate, peach-apricot

Sunday 9/24:

Apple Butter & Honey Cake

apple, honey, cider cream cheese frosting

small size only

Round Challah

plain, raisin, apple cinnamon

available after 9:30am

Weekend Specials

Thursday 9/21–Sunday 9/24:

Honey Almond Tart*

sablée crust, honey custard, toasted almonds

Thursday: smalls only

Friday–Sunday: larges and smalls

Chocolate Bundt Cake

25% rye flour, salted honey ganache

Thursday: smalls only

Friday–Sunday: larges and smalls

Burnt Honey Éclair

choux pastry, burnt honey cream


Saturday 9/23

Sourdough 2.0

with sesame

available after 12pm

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