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at 180 Thorndike Street

(right next door to the bakery!)


Brewing Tiny Arms​ beans and serving espresso drinks, sandwiches, picnic snacks, specialty foods, and more!

Monday–Thursday: 8am–3pm

Saturday–Sunday: 8:30am–4pm

drinks coffee, tea, etc

Espresso      3.50

Americano      3.75

Cappuccino      4.75

Cortado      4.25

  Spirit Tea      3.50

MEM Tea Latte      4.00

Latte       5.00 / 5.50

Mocha       5.25 / 6.25

Chai Latte       5.50 / 6.00

Matcha Latte       5.50 / 6.00

Hot Chocolate       4.75 / 5.75

Drip Coffee       3.00 / 3.50

Iced Coffee                 5.25

Iced Tea                 4.00

house-made syrup

vanilla, maple

brown sugar cardamom

crescent ridge dairy 

whole milk, non-fat milk

califia farms 

almond milk, oat milk

grab and go sandwiches, spreads, parfaits, oats

Monday 5/13–Sunday 5/19

sandwiches are available after 10am until sold out

5.13.24 2.0

Sandwiches are available on a rotating basis and range from $10–$18. See schedule above.

Jambon Beurre Sandwich: 

ham & mustard butter with cornichons on a French baguette

Ham & Cheese Sandwich: 

ham & Cabot cheddar cheese, honey-mustard butter on a French baguette

Ricotta & Eggplant Sandwich*:

whipped ricotta, toasted hazelnuts, roasted eggplant, zhoug (cilantro, parsley, mint, jalapeño peppers), arugula on ciabatta

Banh Mi Sandwich:

marinated tofu, pickled carrots, sliced cucumbers, sambal mayo, cilantro on a sesame baguette

Sweet Potato Hummus Sandwich: sweet potato hummus, cucumber, pickled red onions, toasted pumpkin seeds, parsley, feta on seeded 7-grain

Turkey Harissa Sandwich: 

applewood smoked turkey, guajillo harissa, charred bok choy, preserved lemon ricotta, pickled fresno chilis, alfalfa sprouts on seeded 7-grain

Bacon Avocado Sandwich:

applewood smoked bacon, avocado, white cheddar, caramelized onions, spicy dijonnaise, sliced carrots, green leaf lettuce on ciabatta

Italian Sandwich:

ham, salami, pepperoni, banana pepper relish (with sundried tomatoes), parmesan aioli, provolone cheese, arugula on a rustic Italian olive roll

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