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Holiday FAQs

Have a question about Christmas? We've got a lot of answers here!

If you do not see an answer to your question, please call us at the bakery.


What are your Christmas holiday hours?

Monday, 12/19: 8am–7pm
Tuesday, 12/20: 8am–7pm
Wednesday, 12/21: 8am–7pm
Thursday, 12/22: 8am–7pm
Friday, 12/23: 8am–7pm
Saturday, 12/24: 9am–5pm
Sunday, 12/25, Christmas Day: CLOSED
Monday, 12/26: CLOSED

Tuesday, 12/27: CLOSED
Wednesday, 12/28: Regular Hours Resume!

When will your Christmas dessert specials be available?

German Stollen is sold out for the season.  We made almost 900 this year!
Our Christmas menu will be available Thursday, 12/22–Saturday
, 12/24.

Can I place an order?
No, everything in the shop is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you have a physical or medical condition that makes it difficult for you to stand in line, please give us a call at the bakery, (617) 739-0060.
The exception to this is the Bûche de Noël, which is only available by pre-order; w
e will not be selling it in our retail shop with our other Christmas dessert specials.

Do you make Bûche de Noël?

Yes, we make two different flavors of Bûche de Noël. They are available only by online pre-order, which has now sold out.  We do not sell them in our retail shop with our other Christmas dessert specials. 

If I shop early, will items be fresh for Christmas?
Yes: all of our bread and pastry specials freeze well!
For specific storage instructions for all of our Christmas items, click here.
Copies of this info can al
so be found in our shop.

Will you be making all of your other regular breads and pastries?
While we continue to make most of your favorite pastries and breads, some regular menu items will not be made due to the volume of our holiday production. If there is a particular item you are looking for, please call ahead to inquire about availability.

Will there be a line? How long will the wait be?
As with most major holidays, we anticipate that there will be a line-up starting slightly before we open, particularly on Saturday, 12/24.

The wait time depends on a couple different factors:  how large everyone's orders are and the number of people in line. The closer to the holiday, the larger the orders tend to be. We serve about 35–40 customers per hour, which translates to serving 1 customer about every 1–2 minutes. So if there are 5 customers in front of you, the line will take at least 10 minutes.

Our retail storefront is quite small; we ask that no more than 3 parties be inside the retail space at any given time. This helps us to hear customers' orders and allows everyone to navigate the space with greater ease. 


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